10% fermented spirit vinegar

10% fermented spirit vinegar

10% fermented spirit vinegar

Fermented spirit vinegar is produced exclusively by the biological process of fermenting alcohol enriched with nutrients using acetic bacteria.


  • Water
  • Fermented spirit vinegar

Warranty period:

  • Not established, no limitation

Country of origin:

  • Czech Republic

Microbiological requirements:

  • GMO: no
  • Allergens: none
  • Heavy metals: none
  • Irradiation: none
Ocet kvasný lihový volný 10 % IBC kontejner 1000 l

10% fermented spirit vinegar
IBC container 1000 litres

Selection weight for options 1000 litres
Dimension in cm W/H/D 100 / 116 / 120
Packaging IBC container
Best before unlimited
Weight on pallet (net) 1 000 kg

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