Full-fat mustard

Full-fat mustard

Full-fat mustard

This traditional, finely ground German-style mustard is the best-known and best-selling type of mustard. It is made from white mustard seeds, vinegar, salt, sugar and spices. It is popular among consumers because of its versatility, whether as a side dish for direct consumption or as an ingredient in the preparation of cold and hot meals.

Full-fat mustard Tube 950 grams - TUBE

Full-fat mustard
Tube 950 grams - TUBE

Weight 950 g
Packaging Tube
Best before 6 months
Pcs/pallet 576
EAN code 8594053470993
EAN code SKU 8594053471006
Weight 8 x 950 g
Packaging Cardboard
SKU / layer 12
SKU / pallet 72
Layer / pallet 6
Weight on pallet (net) 547 kg

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